How to sell?

step 1

Your item is valued

step 2

Once the estimate has been agreed, a consignment order is signed: a minimum price, known as the “reserve price”, may be set.

step 3

We sell your item in your name and on your behalf during a public auction. To secure the highest bid, the item is presented at an appropriate auction. We do our utmost to ensure your item gleans national and international visibility: catalogues distributed to a target group, website promoted via global platforms, local, national and international specialised press...

step 4

If your item is sold, a commission charge is taken, as set out in the terms of the consignment order. If the item remains unsold, it may be presented at a future sale at an agreed reduced reserve or simply be collected by the seller.

Why sell at a public auction?

In the best interests of the seller, public auctions generate competitive bidding between potential buyers, in an objective and transparent manner, to secure the highest price.

Valuation days

We regularly organise free valuation days open to all.

  • Jewellery and watch valuation days are held every Thursday, by appointment, in the presence of our expert.
  • We also organise drop-in valuation days for various sectors:
    • Paintings
    • Silver and gold ware
    • Wines & spirits
    • Pictures, Objets d'art & Clocks
    • Gold coins and numismatics
    • Books & incunabula
    • Art from Asia and the Far East
    • Fashion and luxury luggage
    • Antique toys