Want an item valued?

We offer valuation and inventory services for your jewellery, paintings, furniture, works of art, and industrial and commercial equipment.

1. Valuation

We conduct expert appraisals to estimate the value of items. The valuations made verbally by our services or immediately followed by a sale at auction are free of charge and entirely confidential. There are 3 possibilities to obtain a valuation:

  • Use the online form

    by uploading a photography of your item and indicating its dimensions. To obtain as accurate an estimate as possible, please provide all the relevant information you have: signature, date, technical characteristics, condition... Naturally, valuations based on photographs are provided subject to visual inspection.

  • Contact our office

    by phone on +33 (0)2 98 44 78 44 to make an appointment at the auction house or in your home. We recommend making an appointment in the case of jewellery, coins or goldsmithery which require meticulous examination.

  • Attend an appraisal day

    by consulting our calendar.

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2. Inventories

An inventory is a list of described and estimated items. Inventories can be produced with a view to holding an auction, but also prior to any act which requires a detailed list of assets: inheritance, marriage, civil partnership, divorce, insurance, division, gift...

Inventory fees include the appraisal and valuation of your property and administrative fees. The cost of this service varies according to the time required and the value of the assets.