Thierry Lannon & Associés

French voluntary public auctioneers (Société de Ventes Volontaires aux Enchères Publiques) – Accreditation 2001/18 (or OVV: Opérateur de Ventes Volontaires).
Auctioneers authorised by the French regulatory body “Conseil des Ventes” to hold auctions:

  • Philippe LANNON, Auctioneer accredited by the Court of Appeal of Rennes
  • Gilles GRANNEC, Auctioneer
  • Sandy SURMELY, Auctioneer

Composed of three auctioneers, joint directors, and some ten specialised employees, Thierry-Lannon & Co. has its headquarters in Brest city centre, where the historical auction house used to sit, near to Brest's castle and to the Rue de Siam (a street named in homage to the ambassadors of the Kingdom of Siam who came to Brest while on a visit to King Louis XIV in 1686).

Founded on 2nd January 2002, in compliance with the requirements of the French Law of 2000 establishing the legal distinction between voluntary and judicial auctioning activities of former auctioneering offices, Thierry-Lannon & Co. was one of the very first firms to be accredited by the CVV (accreditation 2001/18), and thus meet the challenge of modernisation.

The creation of this firm, which is deeply rooted in a city brimming with the history of the great maritime voyages of exploration, was sparked by an encounter in the 1980s between two auctioneers, Yves Thierry and Philippe Lannon, who believed in the future of this worthy profession and to whom the firm owes its name today.

At the dawn of the 2000s, Gilles Grannec joined the firm, followed more recently by Sandy Surmely, whose arrival within the Group also led to the opening of our Lorient auction house. Our initial specialisation, progressively forged and strengthened over the years, focuses on artists who visited Brittany, and in particularly on the School of Pont Aven and on Post-Impressionists.

While continuing to foster this specialisation, we decided to branch out into new artistic sectors and thus expanded into Modern and Contemporary Painting, not to forget the large share of our activity devoted to Objets d'Art and Collector's Items.

Meanwhile, the organisation of major auctions in the field of sailing and water sports led to the opening of our auction house, in the early 1990s, in Brest's marina area (Espace du Port de Plaisance), close to Océanopolis. This additional specialisation, with its demanding organisation, also opened the way to the development of separate expertise, in connection with judicial activities, in the promotion and sale of major and sometime complex industrial assets, an activity implemented thanks to our dedicated team and specialised employees.

Thierry-Lannon & Co., through its various departments, its employees and experts, would be delighted to welcome you to its city centre auction house for fine arts auctions, administrative services and valuations, and to its auction house at Brest's marina for auctions of industrial equipment and other items, and in particular auctions relating to sailing and watersports.

In southern Brittany, our auction houses in Douarnenez and Lorient, Quai des Indes, also offer wider access to our services and auctions held there.

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Judicial offices

Office of Mr Philippe LANNON

Judicial Auctioneer in BREST
Accredited by the Court of Appeal of Rennes
Appointed by the Keeper of the Seals
Minister of Justice in 1986

Office of Mr Gilles GRANNEC

Judicial Auctioneer in BREST
Appointed by the Keeper of the Seals
Minister of Justice in 2003

Office of Ms Sandy SURMELY

Judicial Auctioneer in LORIENT
Appointed by the Keeper of the Seals
Minister of Justice in 2018

In France, Judicial Auctioneers, set to become Justice Commissioners from 1st July 2022, are Ministerial Officers appointed by law to perform estimations, valuations, appraisals and public sales ordered by the judicial authority, whereas voluntary auctions are exclusively conducted by public auctioneers.

The Judicial Auctioneers of Brest and Lorient, given the specific geographical situation of these cities, with their very similar histories, have always sought to offer both Consular and Civil Jurisdictions the best possible services by being constantly attentive and perpetually improving these services, strengthened by the support of Thierry-Lannon & Co. They are thus regularly appointed for complex collective insolvency proceedings and thereby sometimes dispose of assets from major industrial sites or nautical units in overseas France.